AWS (Essentials) - Online Course

AWS (Essentials) - Online Course

A 25 hour live course with maximum 20 students in a batch covering all you need to know to get started with AWS.

Course Requirements

  • Good knowledge of programming fundamentals.
  • A laptop with minimum Intel i3 processor and minimum of 4GB of RAM
  • Debit / Credit Card that is compatible for AWS Account creation. (Visa / Mastercard)
  • High Speed internet connection for practice at home

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Cloud Infrastructure
  2. Introduction to AWS
  3. Identity and Access Management
  4. EC2 (Compute Service)
  5. RDS (Relational Database Service)
  6. S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  7. Elastic Beanstalk (Hosting Websites)
  8. 5+ In class Hands-on Projects

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