C Programming

C Programming

Understand the fundamentals of C in the most simplified way. From writing your first line of code in C to building the structure of programmes. This course gives practical exposure to students by helping them learn the concepts through active problem-solving.
The course starts with the fundamentals. You’ll be taught to work quickly and efficiently with C.

Course Requirements

  • A laptop with minimum Intel i3 processor and minimum of 4GB of RAM
  • Admin Access for software install

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Introduction to C
  2. Types, Operators and Expressions
  3. Conditional Operator (Ternary Operator)
  4. If - Else
  5. Switch Case
  6. While, Do - While
  7. For Loop
  8. Functions and Program Structures
  9. Pointers and Arrays
  10. Strings
  11. Structures
  12. File Handling
  13. Binary Search and Linear Search
  14. Sorting

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