Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack Web Development

It is the backbone of many industries. Since e-commerce has become the dominating factor in the present millennium, the need for websites has increased and clients are emphasizing more on websites, web apps, mobile apps, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Demand for developers has been sky high with lucrative compensation. There is a huge scope of this field in both India and abroad. The future of learning web development languages looks very promising with the various updates in technology. It is the golden time to make a career in this field.

Course Requirements

  • Good knowledge of programming fundamentals.
  • A laptop with minimum Intel i3 processor and minimum of 4GB of RAM
  • Internet connection for practice at home
  • Admin Access for software install

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Introduction to Web Design & Development
  2. Introduction to HTML
  3. CSS & its Integration with HTML
  4. Introduction to Bootstrap
  5. Bootstrap Components and Classes
  6. Introduction to jQuery
  7. Working with Bootstrap Templates
  8. Apache Server & PHP
  9. Database Server/ Working with MySQL
  10. Integrating PHP & MySQL
  11. Introduction to DNS
  12. Web Hosting
  13. Web Attacks
  14. Secure Coding and Web Attack Protection
  15. Bootbox
  16. AJAX
  17. Dynamic Responsive Project

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