Android App Development

Android App Development

During this workshop of Android mobile app development, students learn how to work in an Android Studio based development environment. The Android development workshop teaches them the unique Android OS architecture, GUI development and how to setup own applications in the Android marketplace. This workshop will help take the student's development skills to a new level. The fact that Android is always growing means that once you learn the basic concepts and principles, your skill set will grow right along with it.

Awards & Certificates

To keep the crowd interactive and active, the workshop would have tasks which would have marks associated with them. All the participants would be given certificate of participation. The best performing team would be chosen based on the highest rank and awarded with 'Certificate of Merit'. The certificates would be issued by PrismCode Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which can be validated internationally.

  1. Introduction to Android
  2. Basics of Java
  3. Java Programming and JDK
  4. Android SDK
  5. Android Architecture
  6. Android Studio
  7. Android Virtual Device
  8. Creating an Android App using Android Studio and Java
  9. Layouts in Android
  10. Intents
  11. Services in Android
  12. Menus and Preferences
  13. Network and Data Fetching
  14. APIs
  15. Live deploying apps on connected android device
  16. Creating an APK

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