Hack Infinity

Hack Infinity

This workshop will provide training on cyber security and will prepare the participants for Capture The Flag competitions. Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Hence, in a world where vital information is stored in computers, knowing about cyber security is essential for every individual. Capture the Flag (CTF) is a computer security competition where students get to implement their hacking skills in a controlled mock environment with vulnerabilities. Students get exposure to think like an ethical hacker, learn to exploit vulnerabilities followed by methods of preventing these vulnerabilities. CTF contests are usually designed to serve as an educational exercise to give participants experience in securing a machine, as well as conducting and reacting to the sort of attacks found in the real world.

Workshop Goal

To teach the basics of steganography, cryptography and some Kali tools including BurpSuite and crunch. At the end of the workshop, participants will be familiar with Capture The Flag competitions and should be able to implement the applications of the above topics in future CTFs.

Awards & Certificates

To keep the crowd interactive and active, the workshop would have tasks which would have marks associated with them. All the participants would be given certificate of participation. The best performing team would be chosen based on the highest rank and awarded with 'Certificate of Merit'. The certificates would be issued by PRISMCODE INFO SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.
PrismCode Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which can be validated internationally. Winning team would be awarded with prizes worth 3,000/- and PrismCode vouchers worth 6,000/-

  1. Fundamentals of Ethical hacking
  2. Introduction to Cyber Security
  3. Importance of Cyber Security and its implementation
  4. Secure Coding
  5. Virtualization
  6. Installing Kali Linux
  7. Walkthrough of Kali Linux
  8. Brute Force Attack
  9. Offensive Security
  10. Dictionary attack
  11. DoS and DDoS attacks
  12. Java Script Code
  13. Loopholes in HTML pages
  14. SQL Injections
  15. Bug Bounty
  16. Preventing Brute Force Attacks using Recaptcha
  17. Metasploit
  18. WireShark
  19. Introduction to Capture The Flag
  20. Scope of CTFs
  21. Attempting Techniques of CTF
  22. Submission of flags
  23. Network connection and Sample CTF
  24. BurpSuite
  25. Crunch
  26. Live CTF competition

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