Hardware Hacking

Hardware Hacking

This workshop would provide the understanding of using a general purpose microcontroller, learning to write commands and scripts on powershell and using a microcontroller as a mimic keyboard to perform actions like drop reverse shells, inject binaries, brute force pin codes, and many other automated functions which can be useful for a penetration tester or a system administrator. Students would learn to perform I/O operations on a microcontroller and control digital output devices to represent the state of operation of commands being written by the mimic keyboard.

Workshop Goal

The students would learn to work with Arduino UNO and use it for controlling the GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins to control devices. They would also learn how to burn custom bootloaders and modify arduino to become a mock usb keyboard. They will learn about windows powershell and how to use it to perform automated scripting tasks. The same tasks would be performed by using Arduino as a mock keyboard. The mock keyboard would then work as a plug and play device in any other computer. This could then be used to perform automated testing, brute force and penetration testing.

Awards & Certificates

To keep the crowd interactive and active, the workshop would have tasks which would have marks associated with them. All the participants would be given certificate of participation. The best performing team would be chosen based on the highest rank and awarded with 'Certificate of Merit'. The certificates would be issued by PrismCode Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which can be validated internationally.

  1. Hardware Hacking
  2. Introduction to Rubber Ducky
  3. Brute Force Attacks
  4. Penetration Testing
  5. Windows Scripting
  6. Arduino
  7. Using Arduino as external keyboard
  8. Performing test automation
  9. Hardware Brute Force Attack
  10. Brute Force Prevention

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