WordPress CMS and Blogging

WordPress CMS and Blogging

Web Designing is one of the trendy and ever-growing field in which lots of students look to make it as a career. It is through a website that different individuals, companies and corporate represents their brand. In today's age of internet everyone would like to see your online presence and a website develops a trust in the consumer's mind. WordPress workshop is a hands-on workshop designed to give web designers the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement and maintain a WordPress site. Students learn how to install and configure WordPress, and to troubleshoot, in case of problems. The workshop is a combination of lectures and hands- on exercises that provide practical real-world experience.

Awards & Certificates

To keep the crowd interactive and active, the workshop would have tasks which would have marks associated with them. All the participants would be given certificate of participation. The best performing team would be chosen based on the highest rank and awarded with 'Certificate of Merit'. The certificates would be issued by PrismCode Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which can be validated internationally.

  1. Introduction to Web Design and Development
  2. Basics of HTML, CSS and PHP
  3. Downloading and Installing WordPress
  4. Connecting to your project
  5. Downloading and applying themes
  6. Understanding Dashboard Workspace
  7. Making your Blog
  8. Adding pages to your Blog
  9. Menu and Widgets
  10. Settings and Applications
  11. Guide to Important Plugins
  12. Hosting your project Online

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